Monday, June 22, 2015

Separation Anxiety: Top Five Best and Worst

Growing up my parents were hardly ever gone from home without us. I can remember most of the trips my Dad took because he always brought us back sweet gifts as tokens of regret for ditching the family. Us kids used to almost get excited about a business trip for Mom or Dad, knowing that we were going to get something awesome out of it. Although, I'm not sure it was a fair trade knowing that if Mom left we would be eating the same two dinners he knew how to cook for the entire week, and if Dad left we might not get to sports practice all week. Plus we missed them.

Well it is the same thing now that I am married. I am mostly sad when my husband is away but I am trying to find the positive. This post is for me, so that I can look back when I am half way through a deployment or long trip and find a silver lining.

Top Five Things That Suck About My Man Being Away:

5. Taking out the trash out by myself...and all the other chores that men are suppose to do. The other night a GIANT cockroach ran across my living room. It took a couple of attempts, but I managed to kill that bugger by myself!

4. No one to binge watch Netflix with. Do you know how difficult it is to resist the new season of Orange is the New Black due to a marital pact?!?

3. No one to cuddle with. I need a dog (although nothing is the perfect substitute).

2. Having to wait to talk to him. Conversations are limited to specific times. I can't just blurt out what I am thinking and have him respond right away...although he might see this as a positive.

1. Having my BFF around. He is always on hand to go do something fun....Anyone want to come hang out with me?!?

Top Five Things That Don't Quite Suck About My Man Being Gone

5. I can go like a week in between leg shaves. If you are a Dude and thinking gross, get over it. Your lady does it too. We all do.

4. I can make myself the same dinner 6 nights in a row when I am not responsible for the care and feeding of someone else. Although this get's old, I do enjoy cooking. Any one want to come over so I can get out of my dinner rut?

3. I get more focused on diet and fitness. I don't want my man coming home to an out of shape wife. Gaining weight is a slow creep, but when you have a deadline to shoot for like a homecoming you get your a$$ in gear.

2. Girls nights. Investing more in your friendships. This is a great time to do that. Who is up for a little Thunder from Down Under? j/k but really, girls night anyone?

1. You plan stuff. When you are together you make mental notes to talk about vacations, goals, plans etc. but then routine makes the time fly by and you never take any aciton. When you are separated you talk more about the future, which provokes action. Book those tickets, write down those goals and cement those plans you have been meaning to make.

Routine makes the time go faster, and so do goals. I am sure the time will fly by.


  1. I love that picture. I am totally living this right now too. Ditto to all of it.

  2. I love that picture. I am totally living this right now too. Ditto to all of it.