Sunday, April 5, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude Week 2

Happy Easter! He is risen!

I love the Lenten season it gives you the opportunity to be mindful of what Christ went through for us. It is amazing how giving up a few comforts can help you focus more on him and your faith. Easter is such a joyous day. My mother came down and we went to church then I made brunch for us. Even thought Rob is 36 he still enjoyed the Easter egg hunt I set up for him. He of course beat out all the other kids by collecting 52 eggs. j/k I probably need some more kids in my life.

Rob and I gave up pre-workout. While I have to admit our workouts were a little less frequent, it was good to power through them with out the extra push. Before Lent I felt like I was overdoing it big-time with the caffeine. I also gave up soy milk in my Americano's but I will have to continue with that since things just got real with my diet. I am going to attempt my first fitness comp in 6 weeks.

So many things to be grateful for today I am not sure where to start. I'll start with the most important thing.

1. Christ's sacrifice and Resurrection

2. We received this AMAZING quilt in the mail from family friend's of Rob's. I was brought to tears at how beautiful it is. It is done in patriotic colors and she stitched stars on the edges. The patchwork is very intricate. It is gorgeous!

3. My awesome husband.

4. The beautiful 70 degree weather we had for Easter

5. My mother being able to spend Easter with us

Have a great week!

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  1. Love the quilt! linn Lindsey make it? Glad you guys were able to spend Easter with your mom.