Sunday, May 17, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude #5

So it has been a few weeks since I posted, in a large part due to being busy but mostly because I have had ZERO energy. As I mentioned before I was working towards the goal of competing in my first bikini/fitness competition. Let's just say it has been all consuming! Between the grueling workouts and lack of food it has left me with having to prioritize working out, food prep, time with my husband & work in that order. There has been little time for much else.  I was hopeful the end result would be positive, and it was! It was a lot of fun to see awesome changes in your body and know you worked so hard to achieve them. Later this week, I will post about my entire experience if you are at all interested. 

Rob and I have stayed pretty busy between work and fitness. He has been of course putting in long hours at his job, but this week he got the opportunity to complete the Accelerated Freefall Instructor Course (AFF-I) for skydiving. He started it last year but never got to finish. This week he finally finished it! I am so proud of him. Being an AFF-I is a really awesome accomplishment, it means you have achieved enough experience and skill to teach others how to skydive. The AFF-I course is extremely challenging as you essentially have to deomnstrate that you can fly to a student and save their lives if necessary. This is often done at low altitudes close to your own pull altitude. You have only seconds to think then act accordingly. You have to stay calm when the pressure is really on. My man is the man.

Without further adue here is my gratitude list.

1. My husband; the guy has been a trooper with this whole fitness thing. I take that back, he has been a champion. He has put up with a house that smells like fish and a kitchen that is perpetually dirty. I had to work last Sunday and was stressed about getting my food prep done so he did it for me. Packaged up my little mini meals so I had food for the next day. What a sweetheart! He also made up a fantastic fan club the day of. He was my cheerleader the entire time.

2. That Rob got the opportunity to finish up his AFF-I. Here is a badass video of him killing it on one of his evaluation dives. 

3. I got to partake is a glorious cheat meal at the Broadmoor today with my Mom and husband for a late Mother's Day brunch & post fitness comp celebration. Mmmm crab claws. 

4. We received a letter from our Compassion Sponsor child today and she is doing well and thriving in Togo. She shared a verse with us Psalm 150:6 "Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD"  Truth! 

5. That we get to live in this country. Summer is almost here and there is no better place to be than Colorado. 

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  1. I'm grateful my sister-in-law started blogging (even though I have to go back and play catch up) as it informs me of things I didn't know about! Congrats to Berto on the AFF-I certification. He can take Finn and Mary on their first skydive :)